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Web Service Development using SOAP [ Nicholas Quaine ]
The Service Web will be the backbone of the coming generation of distributed applications. And SOAP, one of the most promising in a range of new protocols, is looking likely to be the lingua franca of the Service Web.

What is SOAP? [ Nicholas Quaine ]
If you don't know what SOAP is and want to start with the basics, then this is the best place to begin.

Let's talk SOAP... Right Now! [ Nicholas Quaine ]
A really quick SOAP demo that should take you no more than 10 minutes. All you'll need is a Win32 machine and a good internet connection - a slow one will work fine but then forget the 10 minute guarantee!

Generating a Deployment Descriptor from your Service Classes [ Nicolas Gouteux ]
In a previous article, we saw how to create run-time interfaces based on the parsing of a deployment descriptor. In this article we will see how to generate a deployment descriptor from the service classes.

Simplifying your Java SOAP Client [ Nicolas Gouteux ]
When writing SOAP clients using Apache SOAP for Java, developers commonly hardcode service details already captured in the service's deployment descriptor. In this article we see how to avoid this duplication using proxy class functionality.

Security with Apache SOAP [ Sylvain Benoist ]
In this article we will explore the options that you have when you want to add security to your webservices. With a reasonable amount of work, we will transform a simple service into an acceptably secure one.

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