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About this site
Web Service Development using SOAP

The Service Web will be the backbone of the coming generation of distributed applications. And SOAP, one of the most promising in a range of new protocols, is looking likely to be the lingua franca of the Service Web.

SOAP, an XML-based messaging protocol stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. But for many developers out there, it can be far from simple to implement. This is due partly to the complexity of SOAP itself, but due also to the fact that there is a lack of practical information posted on the web.

This site helps you understand SOAP from a conceptual standpoint and helps you implement the concepts using Apache SOAP on the server side and with various packages and languages on the client side. Here's a quick overview of what you can find on this site:

  • A collection of Articles on various SOAP-related subjects.
  • A section on SOAP and Web Service Basics covering a variety of fundamental SOAP concepts.
  • An introduction to Apache SOAP for Java and how to implement it Server-Side.
  • An overview of what's possible Client-Side including examples of various client types.
  • A list of Demo Services that are available on-line at this site with instructions on how to call them and some downloadable demo clients that do that for you.
  • A section devoted to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • A collection of Resources such as discussion groups and links to software, news, articles and tutorials elsewhere on the web.

For more detail, please refer to the sitemap.

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