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Site Conception and Principal Author
Nicholas Quaine

Born in Australia in 1969 and introduced by his father to computers at an early age, Nicholas Quaine has worked as a technologist for several high-profile financial market organisations including Dow Jones Telerate, AMP Investments, JPMorgan and the Reserve Bank of Australia. It was at JPMorgan that he first took a keen interest in SOAP and the Service Web. He is currently based in Montpellier.

Contributing Author
Nicolas Gouteux

Nicolas was born in 1961 in Strasbourg, France. He started getting involved with computers on a Commodore PET computer in 1981. He has worked for various software companies, including Sybase. He has recently developed a powerful IDE for Sybase SQL developers called the SQLBrowser. He is currently specialized in developing client-server architectures for financial institutions. He is based in Geneva.

Contributing Author
Sylvain Benoist

Sylvain was born in 1974 in Normandy. He received his first computer at age 11, and currently works for JPMorgan in New York as a Systems Architect. In his spare time, he works on a JBuilder open tool for static code analysis.

Translation and Language Processing
Nadège Quaine

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