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Want to talk SOAP without having to set up your own SOAP server? We have a demo SOAP server ready for you to use which is running our Quotation Service - a service that gives you access to a database of famous quotations. As for service methods, things are fairly simple: you can get a full list of quotations, get a list of quotations by author, or you can submit a quotation to the database.

For those of you who have gone through the Server-Side Tutorial you will recognize the Quotation Service as the one we developed there. For those unfamiliar with the Quotation Service, take a look at the Quotation Service Method Signatures. For more detail on the Quotation Service you can refer to Section 4 of the Server-Side Tutorial.

Here is the list of currently available SOAP client(s) that you can download and run against this SOAP server.

If you want to run your own clients against our server that is of course also possible - if you need help, please refer to the relevant section in Client-Side SOAP.

The end point URL for the service is

This service hosted by    XMethods


Many thanks to XMethods for hosting this service. Visit XMethods for a list of web services already available publicly over the internet and ready to be incorporated into your distributed applications.

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