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SOAPUSER.COM is a technical help site for web service developers interested in SOAP technologies such as Apache SOAP, SOAP::Lite for Perl and the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit. What follows is the privacy policy statement, which governs personal information gathered via the site (

Information that SOAPUSER.COM May Collect Online

SOAPUSER.COM may collect information from you in one way only:

  • via the emails that you decide to send (ie. to any email address at
It is not required of you at any time to submit information via webpage or email to access any part of this site. Nor is any site usage information logged by visitor (log site usage is analysed but this analysis can not and does not contain any visitor-specific information).

Thus the only case where SOAPUSER.COM receives any personal information from you is when you decide, unsolicited and of your own accord, to send email. In that case the extent of our knowledge is limited to the email address you have used and the information you have communicated.

How SOAPUSER.COM Uses Personal Information Collected Online

Any email address received is used only for the purposes of addressing a reply. It is not sold, rented, published or reused in any other way unless you have expressly requested or agreed for us to do so in your communication with us. Information contained in any email sent to us is not used for any purpose other than which it is submitted. Information that you send with the intention of having it published on our site (for example Technical Articles and FAQ Submissions) will, if accepted, be published and attributed to the name by which you have identified yourself to the site. Your email address will not be published unless you expressly request or agree to it.

Computer Tracking and Cookies

This website is not set up to track, collect or distribute visitor-specific information. We do run non-identifying site usage analysis, to track for example the number of hits and visits to the site. The statistics produced are used for internal purposes and may also be provided to others or made entirely public. The analysis is incapable of collecting visitor-specific data and as such the statistics contain no visitor-specific information of any kind.

A cookie is a data packet that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. SOAPUSER.COM does not itself use cookies in any way. No cookies will be sent to your browser from our servers. There may be, however, cookies sent to you in association with the ads displayed by advertisers on our site. Such cookies are not under our control. If you wish to refuse all cookies or give yourself the ability to confirm the receipt of cookies then you can in most cases configure your browser to do so. See your browser's help for more information on how to do this.

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